If you want to access blocked sites or regionally restricted content or just want to be anonymous on the internet, check out these free VPN extensions for Chrome & Firefox browsers. These VPN extensions are reliable, fast, and easy to use and you won’t face any trouble while browsing.

VPN extensions for Chrome and Firefox

Stay invisible & browse anonymously using these free VPN extensions for Firefox or Chrome browser. Setup a Proxy and unlock & access blocked sites.

Not everyone can afford to buy a VPN, and that is why free VPN software are available. They might not be the best, but for basic tasks, they are more than capable of getting the job done, and that’s great. If you’re out looking for a free VPN browser extension that works, then this post won’t won’t let you down.

1] Hotspot Shield

best free VPN extensions for Chrome browser

You do not have to create an account to use this VPN app. The data transfer speeds good – however, it depends on the server/location you are connected to. The free account users can use various locations except for USA, UK, and France. Hotspot Shield can block malware, trackers, cookies, etc. Get it here – For Chrome | For Firefox.

2] Hola

VPN extensions for Chrome and FirefoxIf you need more servers or locations to access blocked sites, Hola can do the job for you. Hola comes with a lot of servers. You do not need an account, and there is no limit on bandwidth. Apart from browsing already included websites, you can block any other site as per your requirements. Changing the server is quite easy. Just install the extension and click on the power button to turn on the VPN.

From what we can tell, it would appear as if Hola is the most popular free VPN extension for Chrome. It has been around for more than five years, and from our time using it, we can say for sure that it works. Probably the most important thing of this VPN service is the fact that it’s ad-free, so you won’t be bothered by pop-up ads or whatever else while browsing your favorite websites, or while watching Netflix. Get it here – For Chrome | For Firefox.

3] TunnelBear

TunnelBear is popular because of its fast server and encrypted VPN connection. The free account holder of TunnelBear VPN can get up to 22 different locations or servers including United States, United Kingdom, Germany, India, etc. Unlike others, you need an account to get started with this tool. The disadvantage of TunnelBear free account is it offers only 500MB bandwidth per month, which can be increased by making a tweet. Get it here – For Chrome | For Firefox.

4] Betternet VPN

If you want to use a VPN regularly, BetternetVPN can be useful for you since it doesn’t have any bandwidth limitation. However, you would not get as many servers as Hola provides. Betternet VPN comes with only the United States and the United Kingdom as the server location. While using it, you will not find any lag or interruption while connecting or changing the location. The UI is simple as it should be. Get it here – For Chrome | For Firefox {It no longer appears to be available].

5] Avira Phantom VPN

VPN extensions for Chrome

According to the official statement, Avira Phantom VPN is an untraceable, unhackable, and uncensored VPN service that offers only 500MB bandwidth per month. However, it comes with loads of locations including the US, Germany, France, Singapore, etc. It generally uses LeaseWeb, which is famous for the business class server. This one too will not give you any issues as far as speed is concerned. Get it here – For Chrome. There does not seem to be one available for Firefox.

TIPDownload this VPN to give your Windows the Ultimate Privacy Shield.

6] uVPN for Chrome

If you’re looking for free and secure VPN, then uVPN is one of the best options available for Google Chrome today. The developers claim their service is “the most secure Proxy utility across the Chrome web store.” We’re not sure how truthful that is, but we’re taking their word for it.

The company says it has several server networks across the world. Therefore, it should be reliable. Not to mention, it’s unlimited, which means, users can browse the web with uVPN turned on for the entire day.

To get uVPN to work, click on the icon after installation, then select your server’s location. After that, click on the grey power button to turn it on. The button should then turn green to indicate the service is up and running. Get it here – For Chrome. There does not seem to be one available for Firefox.

7] iNinja VPN for Chrome

Finally, we’d like to talk about the iNinja VPN extension for Chrome. It’s one of the newer options, so it should be faster than others for now because it doesn’t have a lot of users. The company says its service comes with anti-blocking technology.

Using this service is pretty easy. Just install it, then click on the icon at the top. You’ll be given the option to select your server location, and the option to turn on the VPN. Get it here – For Chrome. There does not seem to be one available for Firefox.